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Seafood boils or overeating without realizing it!

Yesterday I was craving a seafood boil.  I love crawfish, shrimp, crab…well pretty much any seafood thrown in a pot with some spices, potatoes, sausage, and corn will do.  We went to Blue Water Seafood where we tried their namesake, the Blue Water Boil.  It was a combo of all of the above!  It was pretty good, but I’m still thinking the best boil I’ve had in recent years was this one.

District 8-20120722-00062District 8-20120722-00065District 8-20120722-00072


This was last summer in Pierre Part, Louisiana, where we were visiting Sweet Tea’s daughter and grandson.  Her pseudo son-in-law treated us to this amazing feast.  The crab were amazing, but it was the shrimp that were to die for!  Bayou shrimp just taste different than gulf shrimp.  I assume the difference is a salt water verses fresh water thing.  I ate my weight in food that day!  It’s hard not to when the food is just thrown down on newspapers and everyone digs in.  Picking crab and peeling shrimp means you are working for the food, but you don’t realize how many you’ve eaten until you’ve eaten too many!  District 8-20120722-00070

I can’t wait to indulge again!


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