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Budget Schmudget

So I’ve been working on this whole budget thing.  I am pretty good at categorizing things and figuring out how much money goes into each category, but I keep forgetting things.  Like haircuts.  I want to get one and didn’t budget for it.  So do I pull from entertainment, medical, clothing?  Or does it come from the miscellaneous money that seems to float around that never gets put in any category.  I do that on purpose just to have a buffer.  But if I get my roots done and a haircut it will be more than the misc. money.  And then I won’t have a buffer for unexpected things.  And why are there always so many little unexpected things?   Just this week we had to buy a finger splint for $7, a book of stamps for Sweet Tea’s daughter’s graduation announcements, and some Easter candy.  None of these things were planned for or budgeted expenses.  I should have known about the candy and stamps, but I didn’t think of either one when I was putting together our budget for the month.  And the finger splint became a necessity when the oldest slammed her finger in the front door and then again the next day in the dishwasher.  finger

Thankfully, that curve you see there is the natural curve of her finger, and I don’t think it’s broken.  It is sore though!  And it cost 7 unexpected dollars so far.  I just hope she doesn’t have to go to the doctor, although I do have some money budgeted for that!  They said it would take 90 days to get the hang of the budget.  I’m thinking they’re right!

All kidding aside… I must say it’s been a great thing so far.  I love paying off bills.  That has been one of the perks.  Getting some of our stuff paid off quicker.

Once we have our bills paid off we’re gonna be rich!  (Nevermind that there are 6 kids that need to go to college around here.  We lie and tell ourselves that we are going to be independently wealthy.  It takes the sting away from the paying off bills part.)



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    Oh . . . that poor finger.


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