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My ex-boyfriend, Alfonso.

I was reading Brittany’s blog and she mentioned Alfonso Ribeiro.  Actually she didn’t mention him…she posted a video of something I honestly don’t remember.  How in the world do I not remember this?  I loved Alfonso Ribeiro!

Sidenote – I loved Silver Spoons and Ricky Schroeder!  I loved Jason Bateman’s role of Derek.  And I loved Alfonso playing a kid named Alfonso!

I loved him so much that I bought his single Not Too Young.  Here is a sample of what I still own from my youth!

DSC06877 - Version 4


Wasn’t he just perfect?!?

And honestly I never did like him as Carlton!  That’s when we had to break-up.  I had a hard time seeing him being anything other than cool!

And for the record…see what I did there…record…I love nerds.  I just didn’t love Alfonso as a nerd.  It didn’t work for me!


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  1. I loved that Tiffany album! I met her once and she gave me her autograph signed, Love Always, Tiffany. I signed my name like that for years after! 🙂


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