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And the results are in…

1.  Some flavors of gourmet jelly beans do not go well with other.  When I wanted to try a strawberry and lemon together to see if it tasted like strawberry lemonade I accidentally ate a cinnamon and a lemon.  Not a good combination.

2.  Many people have no idea what celebrating 4/20 means.  I didn’t know the meaning of 420 until 2009 and this year, for the first time, I heard people actually talking about celebrating.  Most days I still wish I was clueless about some things.

3.  I AM able to start a fire from the banked, almost out embers of a fire from the night before after much coaxing, smoke inhalation and 30 minutes.  I refused to give in to the lighter, matches, and lighter fluid.  And I conquered!  (We went camping.)

4.  I do have some class.  The other day in the drive through line at the pharmacy I was dressed in sweat shorts and a t-shirt the same shade of heather gray as the shorts.  I was starving and had gone through the drive through at KFC a few minutes before.  I decided to chow down while I waited my turn in line.  Just before I lifted the hot wing to my lips I glanced over at the car next to mine in line.  Mercedes, dressed for success woman, hair perfected coifed, staring straight at me.  I smiled and slowly slid the fried hot wing back into the bag and held out until I was driving away.  I didn’t make it all the way home before I cleaned that wing though.

5.  I love Shakira.  I always liked her before, but I am enjoying her immensely on The Voice.  She just seems like a fresher version of Christina, who I also enjoy.  And I love the singer Caroline who was on Team Blake but has now become part of Team Adam, who I also love, by the way.  Lots of love over here!



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