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Affirmation – a statement of the existence or truth of something

At the beginning of May, I got a text from Candied Jansen that said that she wanted to share something with me.  I continued to read thinking I was about to read a shared thought from her.  Her next sentence explained that she meant a shared item.  Something that meant that we are sharing our lives with each other.

(But not rings.  We aren’t to the ring point yet logistically speaking.  Oh, I’d marry her tomorrow if I could, but our current living situations look like they will be in place for another year or so which means we get to take things slow.  Some days that drives me crazy, but I am also thankful for the forced slow pace so we can savor the moments we have with each other in a dating relationship.)

Immediately, when I realized that Candied Jansen meant a bracelet or a necklace or something, a picture of what I wanted popped into my head.   Two years ago, when I first joined Pinterest, I pinned the Affirmation Circle from Mountain Girl Silver and wrote that I’d love to have one or two of them.  I hadn’t ever ordered one because I was never sure what I’d want it to say.  And now I knew it would be the perfect thing for us to share, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted it to say.  I didn’t say anything to Candied Jansen about it until I saw her later that day.  I asked her if she had anything specific in mind and she didn’t and wanted to know if I had any ideas.  I pulled up my pinterest site and showed her the necklace.  She thought it was a great idea!  We weren’t sure what we wanted them to say and figured we’d think on it.  A few days later we decided on…Words and More Than Words and…in a continuous circle.


It defines our relationship so well.  We started out with words.  Emails back and forth in July of 2011.  Long emails that were full of fun details and crazy stories and intimate thoughts.  When we stopped emailing in August of 2011, we became Facebook friends and could see each other’s words and posts there.  And when we first reconnected and started dating in January of this year, our words to each other were hugely important.  For our second date, we watched the movie, The Words, because it was about a writer and words.  As we’ve gotten to know each other, words have played a big role, but our relationship has moved past just words.  We are sharing so much more than words now.  Our feelings have progressed to the point where words aren’t always adequate or enough to describe them.  Words are still a big part of who we are.  Sharing words and having those words mean something is a feeling I’ve never quite experienced like this.  I love words, and I love that Candied Jansen loves words, too!  I love that our relationship is deeper and more powerful than our words as well.  And I LOVE that the circle is called an affirmation circle, because that word is exactly what these necklaces are…an affirmation of us.



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  1. I love that you have found someone to love who loves words as much as you do. You two sound like soul mates.


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