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c2b6efd372931b31ea7871fc48cb326fThis morning while Candied Jansen caught up on some sleep, I perused the internet.  I spent some time on Pinterest where I saw this quote.  It reminded me of some advice I received several years ago.  Basically that advice was that that there was no need to defend myself on the internet to people who didn’t know me anyway.  That wasting breath or energy trying to disprove what someone else said about me was futile, because in the end, it didn’t matter what strangers thought about me.  I could argue my side to try to make myself feel better, but in all honestly it wouldn’t make me feel better.  It would just drag out an already uncomfortable situation.  I chose to heed that advice, and I’m glad I did.  The situation eventually dissipated and I didn’t need to do a thing.  I love how this quote says it so well!


I also found this quote.  I LOVE it which is a good thing because it adds to the things I love!  Today I loved shopping at Sprouts with Candied Jansen and joking about how I couldn’t wait until we lived together because I was going to make all kinds of interesting things for her to eat.  We’d just seen some kangaroo meat and I wanted to try it, but I wasn’t willing to pay an unknown amount of money for a pound of ground kangaroo on a whim.  That got her to joking about how I was going to feed her unknown things and when she said, “you just ate turtle ass!” in that voice that mimics my excitement, I couldn’t stop laughing.  And I love that, too!


And finally this one.  Man that Abe Lincoln was a smart guy!


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  1. Candied Jansen

    Yes…it’s no secret that your “taste tests” that you are so well known for scare me to death…and the fact that you enjoyed so much my fear of the extreme taste test (maybe enlightening me to turtle ass someday) makes me wonder…when?…not if…(even though you giggled & said “I would never…heeheehee”). Like you said…life will always be exciting. And I look forward to every moment I’m blessed to have with you. But…I will be looking for appetizers w/tails.


  2. Perfect quote for me “Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it” I am having issues with knowing my self worth it’s going to be a long journey finding it.


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