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Summertime Resolutions

So it’s June and I did absolutely none of the New Year’s Resolutions/Lifestyle changes I talked about in this post.  I have continued to haphazardly make my way through the past 6 months, BUT things have changed for me.

1.  My health.  I wanted to walk the dog and go on walks myself, but it was freaking cold.  We had two days of freezing weather which caused us to miss school, and I didn’t want to leave my house.  I realize I just said 2 days, but those 2 days were surrounded by some of the coldest days we’ve had here.  Pipes had to be wrapped and layers had to be worn.  I abhor being cold so I did not go outside and walk like I planned.  By the time the weather had warmed up enough, I was spending my time doing other things.  I did, however, lose about 8 pounds which I have since put back on, so I’m back to where I was in January.

2.  My budget.  I also said that I was planning to have the Budget Nazi make a comeback starting with my mid-January paycheck.  Well…I did budget that paycheck, but I never sat down to fill out the budget completely and then by the mid-February paycheck I was spending my time doing other things and money was spent here and there and who knows where.  Seriously…I barely know where I spent my money other than on bills…which I hate!

3.  My creative side.  Well, I have definitely let that take a back seat to life, but I know that when life gets busy for me, that’s the one thing I let slide some.  And honestly…I have no problems with that part.  I was BUSY!

BUSY…falling madly, hopelessly in love with the most amazing woman.  I know you’re all shocked to hear that…considering that’s all I’ve talked about on this blog for the past 4 months, but the journey we’re on is so amazingly beautiful, I can’t help but gush over it!  It has taken all my time and energy and I do not regret for a minute putting it all there.

That being said though, I now need to get myself in gear as far as my health and my budget go!  My plans include pretty much exactly what I said on the resolution blog post, adding in trips to the gym for my health and seriously curbing my spending.  The best part is that I now have Candied Jansen to encourage me along the way.  She’s renewing some of her own resolutions this month as well so we’re doing this together.  I love that she is good at both healthy living and a budget so she is the perfect encourager for me!

In two and a half days I’ll be out of school for the summer!  I usually spend the summers getting myself together, and this summer I really need to do just that!  I say usually because last summer, I did a lot of sitting around on my computer.  I let things go and kind of went inside myself some.  I was dealing with some internal struggles over some external circumstances so I didn’t do summer like I normally do.  I have no doubts that I’ll do some sitting around on my computer this summer.  I look forward to that!  But I am so excited about life and the future that I can hardly contain it!

Bring it on!


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