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Blood and very little sweating to go along with it.

The day after my first date with Candied Jansen I had to have some routine blood work done.  The lab was supposed to open at 7am that Saturday morning so I arrived at exactly 7am figuring I’d probably have to wait a few minutes, but I didn’t think it’d be long.  Well, at 7am the line was about 15 people long.  The 15 people weren’t too bad, but the fact that the line was still outside the locked door to the lab was a problem.  The line continued to grow and still nobody showed up to open up the lab.  Because we were all hungry after fasting for the required 8-12 hours, people steadily got verbal about having to wait.  Some people left, some got on the phone with the lab’s answering service, and others just complained loudly to each other.  Finally, a lab tech showed up at 7:30, and that poor girl had to hear about it.  She didn’t have a key, but after getting on the phone with someone else she was told a code to a box that had a key in it.  I didn’t think there was any way that we would all be able to fit in the waiting room, but because we had all made friends in the line, our personal space limits had decreased and we squeezed in.  I sat next to a girl who I assumed was a lesbian.  I honestly didn’t sit next to her because she was a lesbian, but because she was in front of me in line.  I had already talked to her some, and after talking for another minute, I noticed she was wearing a bracelet that I assumed was one of those fitness tracking things.  I asked about it, and she confirmed my suspicions.  She said she had gotten it for Christmas and loved it.  She told me all about the things it did, and I thought it sounded like something worth looking into.  I made a mental note to check into fitness tracking bracelets when I got home.

And I did at some point in the next few weeks, but I didn’t buy one because I was too busy falling in love to commit to a fitness tracking bracelet.

Recently, in her quest to renew her health, Candied Jansen started wearing a fitness tracking armband.  It was something she already owned and used to wear all the time.  It reminded me of the bracelets so I started looking at them again.  I talked to Candied about them some and finally decided to cough up the money to buy one.  When I texted her to tell her I was going to go ahead and get one, she came back with a, “Don’t do it” which caught me off guard some.  She went on to explain that she had done some research of her own and had already ordered one for me.  Aw…I told you she was sweet!  I got the Polar Loop fitness tracker with an added heart monitor.

After a minor mix-up in shipping, it arrived last weekend.  I have been wearing the bracelet for 3 days, and I am enjoying it.  I have yet to hit 10,000 steps in a day, but every day I’ve gotten closer.  And because I am aware of how many steps I’m taking, I’m choosing to do more walking in my every day activities.  I’ve chosen parking places that are a further distance from the door than I normally would pick.  I’ve also gone up and down the stairs a few extra times instead of yelling up them for the kids to come to me.  Today, I will be going up and down the stairs to do laundry quite a bit and have a trip to the grocery store planned.  I know those two things aren’t enough to get me to 10,000 steps, but the fact that I’m even thinking about what else I can do, outside of actual exercise, to get there is a step (pun intended!) in the right direction.

A couple of notes…

I am not opposed to actual exercise, I’m just letting a broken toenail heal a few more days before I put on a tennis shoe.

I love how my entire introductory paragraph had nothing to do with fitness bracelets, but the entire experience was memorable so I decided to share it!

You’re welcome.


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  1. I got one, too — a fitbit flex, which is less high tech but still super cool, and I’ve noticed that it really does kind of urge you into doing things. “I’m almost at my steps!” so you park further, etc. Go you 🙂

  2. Okay, now I will have to research these bracelets. I could probably google, but what is the significance of a set amount of steps? Does it equal a certain # of miles?

    • I found an article that said this…

      Give or take, 10,000 steps is five miles — depending on terrain, your natural stride, and your proclivity to game the number by gently jiggling your wrist while sprawled on a couch. Not that I’ve ever done that. So it’s about 90 minutes of walking every day. It’s also about twice what the average American walks daily in general getting about: moving from parked car to mall, from office cubicle to break room.

      Here’s the link to the full thing if you want to read more…


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