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Look at the time

I’m not a big fan of this time change so far. I don’t like getting to work when the sun is up, because I feel like I am late. I don’t like leaving work when the sun is getting ready to go down because I feel like I don’t have time to get much done before bedtime. I know I’ll adjust, but so far, today, I’m not happy about it.

The good news about the time change, though, is that my little clock, you know…the one that I wrote a post about…handled it like a champ. No need to take the battery out and wait until it caught up.  The mechanism for turning the knob seemed to be working just fine.  Whew!

And while I’m not happy with the time change, I think I could do with a do-over!  I am exhausted and that extra hour of sleep sure sounds nice right about now!

Other time related news…

I am having a hard time managing my time at school.  I have three different classes and the library and computer schedules are driving me crazy.  At the beginning of the school year, we sign up for a library time and a computer lab time.  I did that, but remember, I was teaching one class of kindergarteners at the time.  Once I moved to 3 different classes of 4th grade, I needed to add library and computer lab times for each class since I am the reading teacher.  Because other teachers had already chosen times, I had to work around them. What is driving me crazy now is that one class goes to the computer lab on Monday, one goes on Wednesday, and one goes on Thursday.  One class goes to the library on Tuesday, and the other two go on Friday.  Trying to keep up with what I taught to each class and making sure that by Friday, they’ve all had the same lessons even if they were taught on different days is wearing me out!

Now, now there…would you look at the time.  Gotta run!


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