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It’s November and I’m starting to get in a holiday mood.  The crazy part is that it’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas that are on my mind.  It’s all the holidays.  I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest lately, and I feel somewhat inspired to create/decorate my house.  And really more specifically OUR house.  The one the Candied Jansen and I plan to share one day in the not so distant future.

I am loving these things currently…

$_1 $_1

both from here.

I also loved this!


Found here…Genius!

And all the wreaths found on this page!

I’ve also pinned several ideas for Christmas presents for my family.  I can’t share those though on the off chance…and really it is extremely slim…that one of them might read my blog between now and then!

And it’s not just the holidays that have had my attention on Pinterest.  I’ve pinned more pictures of outdoor showers and waterfalls and whole outdoor rooms than I can count.  We will definitely have to move if we plan to spend as much time outside as I’ve wished for in my pins.

And last but certainly not least, the food.  Do you have any idea how many ideas there are for amazing meals?  Healthy meals, completely unhealthy meals, and desserts galore are everywhere on Pinterest!

I need to get off this computer and get busy if I’m going to have time to create any of the things I’ve pinned!


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